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Saturday Night (Misfits) ♫

27 Mar

Grrrr 😉

I think that in honour of one of my favorite bands, Misfits, and their hit “Saturday Night”, every Saturday night I will feature a horror film that you should be watching.  And YOUR job, is to write back to me, and tell me what you thought of it.

Because in Eastern time it is still technically Saturday night, I am going to post my first movie of the week!  (Dun dun DUN!)

Black Christmas (1974)!

Starring the wonderful Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder in a terrifying film based around a sorority house terrorized by a perverted prank caller on Christmas.  And things obviously go horrifically.


So tell me what you think!

Saturday Night – Misfits ♫

Hilarious House of Frightenstein (1971)

27 Mar

Billy Van as Count

As a child I had some very quality Saturday morning television to tide me over until my dad came roaring up the stairs to tell me to turn the TV down. Boy Meets World, Bobby’s World, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (I hate the new stuff), and my personal favorite Goosebumps were my best friends. But sometimes, when my brother and I were carted away to our grandparents for the weekend, and because they lived in a big city and a had a little more dough than us could afford more channels, we were able to indulge in a little kids show I like to call “The Hilarious House of Frightenstein”.

Now, some of you may not know anything about the show but there are a few people who fell in love with the Canadian based show because of a few key things: Most of the cast was played by one extremely talented man (Billy Van), we got our Vincent Price fix at least once a week, and we were able to look at Halloween and horror in a happy, humorous light.

The show is centered on The Count (played by Billy Van) a vampire who was exiled to The Castle Frightenstein in Frankenstone (from his native Transylvania “where werewolves and bats will always maaaaim ya”) for not being able to raise his Frankenstein-esque monster (affectionately named Brucie). In every episode, while Count is busy trying to bring his monster to life, we are entertained by funny skits, each introduced by Vincent Price, drawing us in with little funny rhyming anecdotes featuring the characters in the upcoming segments. Some of these characters include: A witch who would show us how to cook ?delicious? meals (Billy Van), an oracle who would tell us about different astrological signs (Billy Van), a veterinarian who would show Igor (Fishka Rais) a variety of pets (Van), a librarian who would tell not-so-spooky stories and would become very distraught after learning that his stories were not-so-spooky (Vaaannnn) as well as many others.

All in all, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein is still one of my favourite television shows. And if you get the chance, please check it out, it still plays on various stations now and then, and is definitely worth it.

The castle lights are growing dim, there’s no one left but me… and him… When next we meet in Frankenstone… Don’t come alone…” – Vincent Price


27 Mar

This is my first post ever. I guess I should kind of preface this… entire blog… by stating my intentions with it.

My intentions with this beautiful plot of internet space is to scare people, intrigue people, tell people what horror movies to watch and how often. I want to share with people other websites that scare and intrigue myself.

I want to say something spooky, or something that rhymes… I want to be like Vincent Price in The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. In fact, for my first post, I think I will talk a little about THHF…

Most of all, I just want to rant about horror.

Supernatural (2005)

27 Mar

Can I stay with you guys tonight? I'm... scared... Yeah, scared... <_<

Let me just say first off that I am obsessed with this series.  So expect the next few paragraphs to be a little biased.

Supernatural is a television series on the CW that revolves around the lives of two brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester, who fight all things terrifying as a way of life.  I would love to have one of these men come and check my closet every night before I went to bed…

In season one we join the brother’s in a search to find their estranged father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan (hawt)).  A man who raised them to hunt demons and ghouls after their mother died in a super-mysterious-pinned-to-the-ceiling kind of fire when they were children.

Over the past five years we have followed the brothers all across the USA as they fought such enemies as: werewolves, ghosts, angels, demons, tricksters and many others in the search for their father, their mother’s killer, and even themselves (cheesy? or amazing?).

Eric Kripke (the show’s creator) leaves us on the edge of our seat and always asking for more every single Thursday night, also asking “Why, oh why Kripke, do you insist that they wear shirts ALL the time?”

My final thoughts?  If you’re not watching the show already, there better be a good reason…  *shakes fist*