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Oh hey, its Saturday!

24 Apr

So its been around forever since I posted anything, so lame!

I decided to make a fantastic comeback with a real nice Saturday Night movie of the week!

For those of you who love cult classic gore-fests, I think that you will find this week’s movie very fitting. ¬†With the new month just around the corner I decided to jump the gun and make this week’s movie ………..


This movie gave me nightmares for weeks…

Starring the creepy Angela Bettis and Jeremy Sisto, this movie follows shy May in her attempts to find the perfect friend ūüôā sounds sweet right? ¬†Right?

Hope you people enjoy!

A Rash Exclusive: Interview with Joshua Hoffine!

6 Apr

I am the luckiest horror nerd in the world.

Recently I was able to catch up with horror photographer and one of my celebricrushes Joshua Hoffine (!!!) for an interview!

I would just like to publicly thank him for putting up with me.  Because I wanted a conversational interview we did this over e-mail over several days, and Joshua was extremely patient!  Hope you all enjoy.

I guess I’ll begin with an obvious question: ¬†What’s your favorite scary movie?

I have a few different favorites, including POLTERGEIST and EVIL DEAD 2.  MARTYRS is probably my favorite recent Horror movie.

Joshua Hoffine's "Cellar"

Poltergeist and the Evil Dead movies are such classics, and I’ve only heard good things about Martyrs. ¬†Going back to Evil Dead 2, you mention on your blog that your piece CELLAR is a “love letter” to Evil Dead 2, what other things inspire your artwork?

Fairy tales, Jungian psychology, vintage cartoons. ¬†Image ideas will suddenly come from out of nowhere. ¬†But I’m always looking for universal ideas that we can all relate to.

Thats why I really like the childhood fear theme that you have going right now. ¬†It’s something that everybody has experienced, and it makes that series of your work timeless. ¬†What were some of your childhood fears?

I was afraid of the monster under my bed, for sure.  And of things coming out of my closet while I slept.  I was afraid to bite too deeply into an apple.  I thought the black seeds at the core were insects.  I was afraid of garbage disposals, and had an early nightmare about my sister getting her hand stuck inside of one and chewed off.  I was afraid of something sneaking up on me while I watched TV.

Wow those are pretty intense!  I noticed one of your fears pops up in your piece COUCH, that particular picture actually scarred me haha, I used to think that nothing could hide inbetween the tiny space between the couch and the wall!  Do you think that part of your love for horror stemmed from those fears?

I don’t think my love of Horror stemmed from the actual fears I had as a child. ¬†I loved the atmosphere of old Horror movies and watched them every chance I got on TV. ¬†I loved Halloween, I loved trying to scare my sisters. ¬†For me, creating Horror art is definitely a pursuit of nostalgic innocence, a playfulness – it feels fun to try and scare people.

I absolutely agree, I have so much fun on Halloween!  Let me just say that you are definitely succeeding in scaring people with your photography and that is what I love about it.  Do you have any tips for people just starting out in photography?  Horror or otherwise?

I don’t know if I have any helpful advice. ¬†I know there is no substitute for experience. ¬†Keep shooting, keep practicing, keep pushing yourself. ¬†Read books about lighting, intern, assist other photographers, but keep shooting. ¬†Most aspiring photographers lose interest before they’ve really grasped the medium.

And if you’re hoping to make a living with photography, keep in mind that good people skills will get you further than good photography skills. ¬†Say yes to every job opportunity.

Learn to separate what you do for love vs. what you do for money.  But always keep shooting what you love.

That was very helpful! ¬†Thank you so much for aaall of the time this interview took haha, I really appreciate it. ¬†Before we’re done, any last words?

Follow your bliss.

There you have it folks! ¬†Loved what you saw/read? ¬†You can find more of Joshua Hoffine’s twisted horror photography at:

Saturday Night! Movie of the week!!!

3 Apr

Hello again readers and lovers and scary people.

This week’s scary movie of the week is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’!!



Starring the fantastic Jack Nicholson and beautiful Shelley Duvall, this movie is a terrifying tale about a recovering alcoholic and the hotel he is hired to manage for the lonely winter months with his family.  Did I mention the hotel is EVIL!?!??!?!

Watch enjoy, FEEDBACK!!!

Ew, a week away.

3 Apr

Hello everyone, its been a busy week. ¬†Working and lazing and all that fun stuff. ¬†But do not be afraid! ¬†A surprise interview with one of my favorite people will be up soon and tonight I’ll be posting another Saturday Night movie of the week!

Stay tuned >:)