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My Review for Paranormal Activity 2

26 Oct

He’s climbin’ in yo bedrooms,

He’s snatchin’ yo babies up,

Try’na kill you so you need to

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife x3

And hide yo husband, cuz he’s killin’ errbody out there.


18 Oct

Some of you may know that as well as horrible horror blogger, I am a horrible horror writer 😛

I have about a thousand story ideas running through my head every day.  My next idea is about a woman who moves into a house where a tragedy happened, a little girl drowned in the lake and her mother committed suicide.  And as usual, fun things happen!

This is a short poem I wrote that kind of encompasses a bit of the feel I want to convey with this story.

Dear Mommy,

I’ve been gone a while, alone in the water, everything is green,
But there’s daisies mum, and babies breath, the most I’ve ever seen,
Sometimes I hear you crying but I don’t know where you are,
And I smell your perfume often so you mustn’t be too far,
I hear a lady singing too, as well before I drowned,
She who called me to the edge and she who pulled me down,
I’d like you to come visit mum, bring dad and brother too,
But do not stay too long I pray, for next…
She’ll come for you.

Tell me what you think 🙂

Apology/Drinking Game

13 Oct

Hey everybody, this is an apology for how ridiculous I sounded on my video review.  Now for a fun drinking game!

Drinking Game

The rules are simple.  1. Take a shot whenever I say the word “FUN” in my video review, 2. Have a lot of FUN!!!

I love you guys, I really do.

Video Review!!!: Wes Craven’s ‘My Soul To Take’

10 Oct

Drew Daywalt’s “Camera Obscura” Premieres!!!

1 Oct

Drew Daywalt’s awe-inspiring, bone-chilling web-series has finally reached the interwebs!!!

The first episode had an infectious kind of vibe around it that really pulled me in.  I can’t wait for the rest of it!  Tune in every weekday of October for new episodes.

The first three episodes are available for viewing here!