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Wanna see something scary?

25 Jan

This is the best/creepiest series of commercials I have ever seen. And I just love them so darn much.

Scream 4 !

21 Jan

I cannot wait for APRIL!

Take a look at the TWO trailers out for Wes Craven’s new installment (and hopefully better than the last installment) of the Scream series!  Judging by the trailers we can already see that its going to be better than the sheer horror (and not in a good way) that was Scream 3.  The acting, script, storyline, and overall feel of the movie was crap.  On the other hand, the sheer awesomeness of 1 and 2 have kept me excited and waiting on the edge of my seat for this one.

Pretty pretty Rose McGowan


Hayden Pannetiere, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin and more are set to be the “new generation” of victims, with Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette back for one last round with Ghostface.

The rules of horror have changed, and with it changes Ghostface’s M.O.

Hopefully we’ll all make it out of this thing alive.

Check out both trailers here!

John Cusack to play Edgar Allan Poe

21 Jan

I have just discovered wonderful, wonderful news while geeking out over Fearnet that John Cusack is to play Edgar Allan Poe in a fictionalized biopic based on his mysterious last days.

In the film, Edgar investigates a killer who is offing his victims based on Poe’s famous works.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out, and hopefully my complete and undying faith in John Cusack as an actor will hold up after this.

Happy (Belated) Birthday Mr. Poe!!!

The Task

19 Jan

Hey guys!  Check out the new trailer for ‘The Task’!

Definitely one I am keeping my eye out for this month 😉

What do you guys think?

Calan Ree

9 Jan

I would like to take this opportunity to share with my readers one of my favorite horror artists that I have seen so far.

Calan Ree’s work includes tragically beautiful art dolls and wonderful little pendants including images of anatomical hearts and day of the dead mask faces.

Day of the Dead sculptures ❤

What I personally love about Calan is that not only does she work on the visual arts but also includes wonderful written work on an online web comic called Gingerdead.  Where she not only writes about her character Gingerdead and his friends in their deliciously twisted world, but also adds little haiku to keep things slightly innocent.

Calan is one of the people in my research who really show me how much of my love for horror was hidden under the surface.  Its nice to see unique artists like Calan Ree out there who never make it boring or stale.

To check out more of Gingerdead check out

And to see more of Calan’s sculptures and jewelry go to

Best Picture Ever

3 Jan

I just found this while Stumbling, and I think that everybody will appreciate it.

The Forever Child

3 Jan

Hello all, just decided to come in and drop a little of my poetry again.  This is a little more personal but spooky all the same.


The Forever Child

Eaten by wolves
as they said I would be.
Ripped into and abandoned and yet I stay the same.
Picked back up and coddled, no cautionary tale.
A caress to comfort, as I swallow my medicine.

As I drift into the forever sleep.

And rest among the children,
weak of structure and will.
An innocence remains and will forever lie.

I take a hand to cross the borderline, to cross the river.

I swim in a sea of desperation, below the shore, below the light.

A forever daughter, in the cold cold night.