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The Curve (1998) and Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

30 Jun

Over the years I have watched many horror films and listened to many soundtracks.  But there is always that one combination, the combination of movie and song that kind of ruins the song for you.  But in a really, really good way.

Classic 90s movie poster.

A couple of years ago I watched “Dead Man’s Curve” aka “The Curve”, a 1998 movie starring Matthew Lillard, Randall Batinkoff and Michael Vartan.  In the film, college roommates toy around with the idea to make their roommate kill themselves in order to gain straight-A’s.  A couple of times throughout the movie you can hear this spooky riff that makes the film a little bit more chilly than the storyline alone could make it.  Its this song, Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus that makes the film what it is.

I suggest you all go out now and rent that movie.  Not only does Matthew Lillard portray the most fantastic jerk in the world, but its a movie that will make you go, “What?!  Really?!?!?!” And that is how most movies should be, 90s or no 90s…

The one thing that really made me wonder after this movie (besides the movie itself) was how many other movies could I think of that had that one song?  That song that helps to illustrate the movie, make it more of a movie.  I guarantee I wouldn’t remember or love The Curve nearly as much without Bauhaus rocking it away.  The main ones that come to mind are Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On in Titanic, Take My Breath Away in Top Gun, Bohemian Rhapsody in Wayne’s World.

Party time, excellent…

But what are some of your favourites?  ESPECIALLY in horror?  In the genre, my favourite is Tick Tick Boom by The Hives in the 2009 revamp of Friday the 13th.  The scene comes to mind every time I hear it, even how badly campy that scene is.  It sticks.

Let me know what your favourite is!  Maybe while you listen to mine.

Don’t be alarmed, its just your TV.

23 Jun

I’m sorry A&R, I’ve been a bad, BAD girl!
What once was a little writer’s block turned into a week which turned into a full fledged HIATUS! I have pained you, many, many readers of mine, and not only have I pained you, I have pained the wonderful WordPress Gods. The word “Pained” has now lost all meaning.

In any case my dears, I come to you today with a query, a quibble? A thingamajig.
How many of you, alone, in the dark, wondering, have ever felt so afraid that instead of turning on more lights, instead of calling a loved one, put aside those comforting notions and instead, reach for the TV remote? You think, as long as I have that television ah-blaring yet another episode of Love It or List It (Which come on, you’ve already seen…) instead of picking up a book? Going for a walk to friends house? Text someone even? Nothing.Can.Get.Me.
Well, let me tell you. I do it too. In fact, I bet everyone reading this right now is nodding their heads in agreement, “Oh yes Jessie, testify.” Because I’ll let you in on a little secret… Its not you… Its your TV.
“But Jessie!” You scoff, “How in hell’s name do you think my TELEVISION is causing this?”
I’ll tell you why. That doll is haunted, no its not, you have no proof, its just sketchy. That bell is haunted, no its not, its fallen from that wobbly shelf from time to time but its not HAUNTED. If anything in your house is to be haunted, its the one thing you turn to when you’re bored, the thing you turn to when you have nothing better to do, the thing you RELY ON when that book gets a little too… Booky. Its the thing that those nasty little ghosties know will get your attention, they will shine upon you a false sense of security and draw your attention to that dull flashing of colour and sound while they tug and tug at your energy enough to actually haunt the OTHER things in your house, to drive you a little batty.


IT is watching YOU.

These spirits pull at your emotions and energies until finally, you are a glubby mass of fat, wasting away, while unbeknownst to you, the spirits take full claim of your house, they read your diaries, they play with your cats, they rustle your curtains when the wind is low, and you don’t even notice.
After a while, the spirits cease, they’ve had their fun, they’ve used you up and they move on for a while. You pick your ass up, and get that drive back, you start working out again, hell, you start WORKING again. And eventually you learn to fear again. Eventually, the spirits see you’ve regained your energy, and as well with that, you haven’t had a fear in the world for quite some time. But THAT you see, is when you are the most vulnerable, THAT is when you least expect to have anything to fear.
And alone, in your spotless apartment that you’ve worked so hard for for the past few weeks, you sense a little something extra.  “Susan,” it calls, “Michael.  Its me, that nagging fear inside your mind, its ok.  I won’t hurt you, but I think you need some distraction, maybe I’m just a figment of your imagination.  And we all know how imaginations can be dangerous, why don’t you let the big guns handle this?  Why don’t you”

Because no, its not your imagination… No. Its just your TV.