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Bag of Bones (Miniseries) Review

19 Dec

Oh Pierce Brosnan.  I had so many reservations when I first heard that you would be playing Michael Noonan in the made for TV spectacle of Bag of Bones.  Unfortunately, you didn’t turn out to be the only problem…

How excited was I, to know that one of my favourite books by my favourite author was going to be made into a made for TV movie(?) (miniseries?).  When the first rumours started circulating,  I had originally heard that John Cusack was going to be playing the star role, and my heart skipped a beat.  I absolutely love that man.  How absolutely mortified was I after finding out that no, one of my least favourite actors was playing him instead?  I think I actually cried a little bit.

The first episode didn’t stray too far from the book (how do I do this without spoilers?) they left out a pivotal dream sequence that made me sleep with the lights on however, which made me a little more than upset.  I mean, if you’re going to go for scares, go for the gold.  Pull one of the scariest things out of the book and bring it to life.  Don’t water it down it and throw in three more scenes of Pierce Brosnan crying that aren’t necessary.

Another thing that they could have maybe thought of introducing was the whole back story of Mattie (Melissa George) and Mike’s budding relationship!  We get a little taste of it near the end (don’t even get me STARTED on that scene (rushed, inaccurate, not enjoyable, unemotional, a cop-out)) but the book has three main lines of plot: Mike dealing with the loss of his wife, Mike trying to figure out the town secrets/ghost in the cottage and Mike and Mattie’s relationship (including Mattie’s daughter Kyra).

The thing that made me the most upset about the whole ordeal was that they completely changed the feel of the story, whereas in the book it was cold, dark and lonely, in the movie it was kind of uplifting, investigative and focussed more on the town politics than the actual ghost story.

Honestly, I could sit here all night and nitpick at the inaccuracies of the story-line but I’d be ruining the plot of the book AND the shoddy Reader’s Digest version of an adaptation in my bitterness.

The good thing about the adaptation (yes, there is one) is what you get from every adaptation, a chance to see something you put so much time and effort into reading and enjoying come to life.  (We girls get that same feeling from Twilight… Except instead of Pierce Brosnan, its Robert Pattinson.  Thank God.)

…Even though in this case, half of it doesn’t come to life and instead it just sits there cold and alone in its brilliant book.

Don’t watch it!  (Well, unless you already don’t want to read the book.  Because guaranteed this will ruin it for you.)

Ok I’m done complaining.  For now…

Bag of Bones (Novel) Review

19 Dec

Honestly, rarely do I pick up a book and actually finish it.  I either find another book and get so excited to read THAT one that I forget I have the one I’ve only half finished, or I pick up a new hobby and reading goes under the covers for a while.

Recently I have decided to stop making so many trips to my local Chapters and have turned to the books that I have picked up and left like a bad date.  Some books deserve a little respect, namely, Stephen King’s gem Bag of Bones.

I must have picked up this book on three different occasions before actually picking it up on the intent to finish it.  This is not a strike against the book.  In my world, where three quarters of the books in my expansive supply have only been half read, a book that I keep going back to try and finish shows a hell of a lot of potential.

The book has a very strong start and pulls you in with the knowledge that the books protagonist Michael Noonan an author from Maine has just found out that his wife has died.  Throughout the beginning of the novel we identify with the main character as he struggles through nightmares revolving around his wife’s sudden death, and the lake house where the two had spent their summers.  Finally he decides to go to the lake house when the dreams start to become a little bit too real.

As the novel progresses we share his experiences meeting some of the people of Dark Score Lake and how their lives twist together to hold the secrets of the past.  Michael starts experiencing a ghostly presence in the lake house, and meets a widow and her daughter whom he feels compelled to assist in a custody hearing, after being summoned to testify against them by the widow’s father in law.

The book felt as though it was a very easy read, identifiable characters and a compelling story-line weaved perfectly with illustrative narrative and colourful personification that we all have come to love from King’s work.  The way that King speaks about his characters and about the way that they think is almost scary in itself, being able to personify something so realistically that you almost feel as if the character himself is writing the book from memory.

What I loved most about the book was the feeling that I got when reading it.  The feeling of being cold, of it being dark even with all of the lights on, like I was alone.  They say that when you read, you experience a sort of hypnotic state, a trance, well I certainly felt that way reading this book.

The only thing that I would change about the book is that the ending almost seemed a little bit rushed to me.  That maybe it could have been approached more delicately.  There was such a lead up to the final reveal that the ending almost seemed to not compliment the beginning.

But I guess every book can’t be perfect.

Either way, please, please, pick up a copy of Bag of Bones today, and read it all in one sitting like it deserves.  The book actually brought me a whole new appreciation for Mr. King, and I have read two of his since finishing.  (And I also have two others on the go.)

Stay scary.

Bag of Bones

7 Dec

Recently I had the absolute privilege to read Stephen King’s bestseller “Bag of Bones”. A book surrounding Mike Noonan, following the events after his wife’s death he returns back to their summer home Sara Laughs to try and piece together the last few months of her life, while a strange force pulls him deeper into the history of the nearby town.

It was both gripping and terrifying (I will never hear the word “shroud” the same way again *shudders*) and it left me on an insatiable Stephen King kick (what followed was Dreamcatcher and Just After Sunset… and counting).

What has also sated my appetite for the time being is the fact that starting December 11th is a two part mini-series based on the novel Bag of Bones. Starring Pierce Brosnan (unfortunately) and Melissa George (…Decent), judging by the trailers and the review of the characters on the series’ website (here) I am anxious to see how close to the book the series actually is.

Either way, I am delightfully excited to see this series unfold and will be there with Bunter’s bell on, and hands firmly clasped over my mouth in fear (hopefully)


You can check out Bag of Bones on A&E, Sunday December 11th and Monday December 12th.