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A Rash Exclusive: Interview with Justin Beahm!

9 Jan

With the 35th anniversary of the HALLOWEEN Franchise coming up in October, I figured what better way to get the celebration started early than to treat you (and me!) to an interview with Justin Beahm!


Justin Beahm works with Trancas Films (they own the HALLOWEEN franchise) and is a senior writer for Fangoria Magazine.

Justin was freaking awesome enough to sit down with me (over social media (I can’t afford a ticket to L.A. (yet))) and talk about the upcoming anniversary, his new book “Halloween: The Complete Authorized History” and the sCare Foundation, a non-profit organization that he is a part of.

I hope you guys enjoy the interview!

Jessie:  So you’re a part of Trancas Films, what exactly do you do there?

Justin:  My official title is Vice President of Licensing and New Media. That translates into my role being in development of new products/releases for digital, theatrical, web, print, and other outlets. Also work with the merchandising side of things, dealing with licensed products. Currently working on some new masks for the mass market, for example. In addition, I handle the websites and social media side of things.
We are very much a team, with everyone wearing many hats and working together in every way. 

Jessie:  Speaking of theatrical, we saw a re-release of HALLOWEEN I (1978) to some theaters last Fall. Tell me a little bit about the decision making behind that.

Justin:  That started out as a relatively compact concept to put the original film back into theaters in a few cities around the country, and blossomed into something we never expected. Originally we were just chatting with several theater chains, and eventually Screenvision approached us wanting to take it on in a much bigger way.
It was clear from the start that the principal people involved at Screenvision were fans of the film, which made all the difference in the world. They got it. Originally we all talked about an estimated 300 theaters, and in the end we did more than double that, including the first ever theatrical run for HALLOWEEN in the UK.
Fan response was amazing, the box office was very strong, and I think it proved that re-releasing film in this way is legitimate, despite a lack of studio backing or anything like that. We were thrilled that everyone showed the support they did. Just amazing.

Jessie:  Along with the re-release, the 35th anniversary of the franchise is coming up this October, and I hear that you are writing a book to be released around the same time. What are you going to be covering in the book?

Justin:  Yeah, I am writing the official book on the franchise, although we are looking at a 2014 release at this point. The book is going to give each film in the series equal attention, with behind the scenes stories from many of the people involved, as well as wall to wall photos, artifacts, and memorabilia. Quite an undertaking!
We are very excited about this year being the 35th Anniversary, and we are putting the pieces together on some special things for fans over the next 12 months.

Jessie:  Are they all surprises or can we get a sneak peek on a few of them right now? 😉 haha

Justin:  This series is perfect for this kind of treatment, because most of what has been documented has focused on Carpenter’s 1978 original. That leaves nine other films (to date) to explore, so the stories are plentiful, and the revelations are many.
I don’t want to give too much away in advance, but one interesting story that I have shared came when Robert Englund and I were chatting a few months ago about something unrelated, and he happened to mention he actually helped out on the set of the original Halloween, acting as a leaf wrangler for several days.
That blew me away. Horror cross pollination…
Oh…you are talking about for the 35th…
I don’t want to build any hopes just yet, so I would prefer not to comment on what is in the works, sorry haha.

Jessie:  The best kind of cross pollination haha. And I was hoping for either/or in secrets, both are appreciated! I for one am extremely excited about the book, I think it’s going to be very popular.
Can you tell me a bit about the sCare Foundation?

Justin:  Founder (and Trancas President) Malek Akkad’s sister Rima, and his father Moustapha, were lost in a terrorist bombing in Jordan in 2005, and Malek created the sCare Foundation in 2010 to carry on Rima’s philanthropic and humanitarian legacy.
Malek and I teamed up on the Foundation in the summer of that year, and it has been growing and expanding ever since.
sCare is a group of horror and suspense entertainment personalities working to combat teenage homelessness and poverty. Our honorary board includes people like John Carpenter, James Wan, and other familiar faces. Our advisory board is a cross section of the entertainment world, with everyone from Fangoria editor Chris Alexander to Rob Zombie’s manager Andy Gould and beyond.
Each year our key event lands at the end of October, something we call the Annual Halloween Benefit, and that has really become our calling card. The first year we celebrated the career of Jamie Lee Curtis, presenting her our Humanitarian of the Year award. Last year we raised our glasses to Malcolm McDowell with a Lifetime Achievement award, and Halloween alum Kyle Richards as our Humanitarian of the Year.
This year’s award recipient is a big one, and we will be making the announcement very soon. Stay tuned! 

Jessie:  Wow, that is a very touching story and a wonderful cause. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any news coming from the sCare Foundation.
I’m really excited and honoured that you agreed to do this interview Justin and I thank you for your time and the information you provided.
To wrap things up I’ve got one last question. What’s your favourite scary movie and why?

Justin:  It is hard to pick out just one favorite scary movie, as I have been swimming in them for so much of my life. My first exposure was with the Universal monster film cycle. I fell in love with all those classic creatures, and reading about them led to everything else. I was hooked on those Crestwood House monster books, and wore out all the copies at the Marion, Iowa public library (where I grew up). That library was a temple for me. Oddly enough, it is now a temple…converted into a church, from what I hear.
I had a buddy in grade school who was lucky enough to have a subscription to Fangoria magazine, and he would bring them to school for me to read. That had a big influence. Then Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, and so on. When video became a big thing, I started renting any and everything I could get my hands on.
My family had accounts everywhere, from Phar-Mor to Best Buy (they used to rent videos!), the drug store, and so on. Those were the days. My buddies and I would rent armloads of videos at a time and pour over them all. That is how I was introduced to Troma, AIP, and all the side roads in cinema. Through that education, I learned to love all film, and not just restrict myself to one genre. I also learned to embrace the low and ultra-low budget stuff that I now probably celebrate more than anything else.
Sorry to ramble. I get all nostalgic for those days, and can talk forever about it.

I will be waiting (bated breath and all) for any news coming from Trancas Films for the 35th anniversary of HALLOWEEN and, I’m sorry, I just can’t wait for the book.

I would like to thank Justin again for taking the time out of his crazy busy schedule to answer a few questions. It was hugely appreciated and a little nerve-racking 😉

You can check out Justin’s great cause the sCare foundation’s website or make a donation here (sCare is a 501c3 non-profit organization).

You can also check out Justin’s website here, and Trancas Film’s website here

Stay scared my friends!

Tweet Tweet Horror

8 Jan

With everyone joining Twitter nowadays (even my mom has a Twitter account now) I got to thinking about all of the amazing celebrities that have verified accounts and even better, all of the HORROR celebrities that have verified accounts and thought, hey… there are probably like a bajillion fans out there who have no idea about half of these people.

So… today (or should I say this year…) I decided to make a list of awesome Horror people that are on Twitter.  From actors to directors to parody accounts of your favourite movie slashers, I’ve compiled a gigantic list that I will be adding to periodically.

I’ve also categorized them… So you don’t get all confused… Here goes.


The Classics – These are the people we know and love from classic horror films

  • @GroovyBruce – Bruce Campbell or Ash from the Evil Dead series…  Need I say more?  Oh, yeah, HAIL TO THE KING BABY!
  • @RobertBEnglund – The Freddy Kreuger.  The.
  • @CurtisLeeJamie – For all of you Halloween fans out there, or Prom Night fans… or Terror Train fans.  Just think eighties slasher flick.  Jamie Lee Curtis probably rocked the hell out of it.  The original Scream Queen.

CABIN IN THE WOODS – Ok, ok I’m obsessed.  But if you loved CABIN as much as I do, here are a couple for you.

  • @iJesseWilliams – regular on Grey’s Anatomy also happens to be Holden in CABIN.  And he like… totally retweeted me.  Like for realz.  I’m serial.


  • @FranKranz – MARTY!!! “Poptarts? Did you say you have Poptarts?”
  • @actorbrianwhite – Truman!  The new guy.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – I like sexy vampires.  Do you like sexy vampires?  Here’s some sexy vampires…

  • @iansomerhalder – Yeah.  Ian Somerhalder.  A.K.A Damon Salvatore.  You’re welcome.
  • @JosephMorgan – Or if you’re like me, Team Klaus and all, you’ll looove this account.  And every time he refers to his followers as “sweethearts”. *swoon*
  • @PaulWesley – This is for the Stefan fans.  Because apparently there are some out there somewhere…

SUPERNATURAL – Oh those brothers…

  • @jarpad – Jared Padalecki, A.K.A Sam Winchester
  • @MishaCollins – The adorable angel Castiel (LOML…(love of my life))
  • @jumblejim – Jim Beaver!  Bobby!  Ok so he’s not on anymore.  But he was such a big part I had to include him.
  • @Mark_Sheppard – Crowley!  Love him.
  • @OsricChau – Our prophet Kevin Tran.
  • @TyOlsson – The lovable teddy bear/vampire Benny
  • @LaurenTom9000 – Mama Tran!
  • For more Supernatural Tweeters, past and present check out the freaking awesome SuperWiki page.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY – My new favourite show.  I am fully addicted.  And I keep getting my friends and family addicted.  I’m like a pusher.

  • @adamlevine – Ok so he was only on for five minutes or whatever.  He did a great job!  Props. (S2)
  • @t_farmiga – Taissa Farmiga, or, Violet Harmon.  (S1)
  • @MsSarahPaulson – She’s been in both seasons, playing the strong-willed Lana Winters this season (S2).
  • @DylanMcDermott – Both seasons, Doctor Harmon in season 1.
  • @Zachary Quinto – Both seasons as well.  Doctor Oliver Thredson this season (S2).


  • @RWZombie – Mr. Rob Zombie himself.
  • @PoutyScouty – Scout Taylor Compton or Laurie Strode

Industry Folk – A couple of people working in the idustry

  • @JustinBeahm – Justin is with Trancas Films (HALLOWEEN franchise) and senior writer for Fangoria Magazine… But we’ll find out all about him soon! (Muah-ah-ah!!!)
  • @DrewDaywalt – Director of some of my favourite shorts, and a couple awesome features too!  Read the interview!
  • @Ti_West – beautiful man, makes beautiful movies.  THE INNKEEPERS, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, and most recently the V/H/S segment “Second Honeymoon”.

Parody Accounts – Random people taking on murderous monsters and slashers personas for fun… Seems legit.

  • @ElmStreetWired – Freddy Kreuger
  • @JasonLVoorhees – That’s kinda straight forward who he is…
  • @OfficSlenderman – There’s even a Slenderman!  A little spooky when he starts following you…

There you have it.  And yes… This DID take me a long time.  Have fun being scared through social media.

Thanks for coming out – ♥


2012 in review

7 Jan

Geez…  So even when I don’t write anything for an entire year, I still get this many people viewing!!!  Apparently this is what I have to start spending time on.

Thanks for the views!  From all 57 Countries >:D

– Jessie


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Neurobiology of Fear

7 Jan

Interesting article! Totally relevant. I now understand what draws me to the macabre >:)