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Ashes on Twitter!

31 Mar

That’s right, we now have a Twitter account!
(We like saying “we”, makes “us” feel important.)

We love you.



Saturday Night Movie of the Week! (On Sunday)

31 Mar

This week’s (or year’s, if you’re keeping track… and if you are, shut up) Movie of the Week is on a Sunday!  Partly because it’s Easter but mostly because I SAID SO.

Our theme this week is desperation, hunger, betrayal, gore, suspense and cannibalism.  Yay!  It’s RAVENOUS (1999)!


I have chills already.

Starring Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle (who you will never look at the same way EVER again), this film focuses on Captain John Boyd (Pearce) who is stationed to Fort Spencer, where in the middle of the night arrives a mysterious traveler (Carlyle) who comes bearing a  gruesome tale of how he survived in the woods after his party became trapped.  After hearing that there may be a survivor left in the woods, they trek into the wilderness with the traveler to help.  Fun times ensue.

This film includes a soundtrack unlike any other, almost comical at times, adding to the dread at other times.

I literally can’t quote parts of this movie, hum some of the score or chase after my sister in law whispering and fiddling with my fingers without her freaking out and/or hitting me.

So get to it!  Sunday is almost over!

Happy Easter!



EVIL DEAD (2013) – Review

15 Mar

Okay, alright, I know what all of you Bruce-Campbell-lovin, Sam-Raimi-stalkin, Old-Classic-tattoo-sportin, “I liked it better in ’81” hipsters are thinking.  And I could know it better than anyone because I used to be one of you.  Aside from the Delta 88 tattoo, I’m there.  I own the original collection on Blu-Ray and sometimes when I’m bored go to that happy place in my head where I’m ballroom dancing with Sam Raimi and then Bruce Campbell taps him on the shoulder and says “Can I cut in?”

All that completely NORMAL stuff aside, (I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM… YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!) I get it, fans.  Do NOT mess with a good thing.  It’s a fundamental rule that has definitely been broken in this industry and its a scandal.  Luckily for us, however, this remake doesn’t mess around.



I hear you guys, “Jessie wtf.  This movie doesn’t come out until April.  You just watched the original over again like an idiot and thought it was the new one.”  And I will give you that, because that does sound like something I would do.  But in reality I won a contest!  A bunch of different magazines and blog owners and the like each were given a handful of tickets to give away to some lucky GTA dwellers and by e-mailing Fangoria’s editor in chief Chris Alexander with “I’LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL” as the subject and being one of the first 25 to do so, I won a double pass to hit up Scotiabank Theater in Toronto to see the screening of EVIL DEAD with a whole bunch of media folk.  

I brought my friend Brittany, and we got all gussied up red-carpet style and then floundered around the theater for a while trying to figure out where to stand/sit/drink beer.


This spot seems nice.

After finally finding seats at the front of the theater (I can’t move my neck… totally worth it) Chris Alexander came up to the front and got the audience pumped by introducing us to the special effects supervisor who got us even more excited AND NOW I’M ALL EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT.

The film centers around five attractive students including a brother and sister duo Shiloh Fernandez as “David” (who I started to refer to as “Not Ash”) and Jane Levy “Mia” who agreed to go to the ol’ family cabin to kick a drug habit.  Commence possession.  The opening scene gives a back story to the reason why the Necronomicon is in the cabin in the first place and helps paint the picture of what is going on.  

AS A REMAKE I think that this film comes out incredibly strong as it doesn’t pretend that it is something it’s not.  It’s a re-imagining in a sense that it focuses around a different plot, but the main elements are still there, as well as a few nods to Sam Raimi’s style and plot points from the ’81 cult classic that would make any fan go “Awww yeah!”.  (I did like five times.)

ASIDE from the “remake aspect” this movie is a terrifying horror rollercoaster that will keep you on the edge of your seat and cause you to throw your hands to your face in fear and delight simultaneously.  Honestly.  The score alone, with a creepy siren reminiscent of Silent Hill incorporated into it, builds the suspense near the end and really drives the terror home.  

The EFFECTS, oh the effects.  I don’t know for sure the measurements of how much fake blood was used in the movie but I would have to ballpark it around a freakin’ freight-boatload. Which is metric…  The GORE in this movie really has a way of creeping up under your skin and making you feel uncomfortable. All in all very well done cringe-worthy effects that never feel overdone and do not stop until the film’s climax.

Brittany and I had a fantastic night, we owe it all to Fangoria who’s March issue is sitting on my bedside table as I write this, you all need to pick it up.  

Also thanks again to Chris for an awesome night and for the help finding some seats.


Left: Brittany, Right: Me, Not Pictured: Bree and Sara (in our HEARTS)

xx Jessie