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Saturday Night Movie of the Week – INSIDIOUS (2010)

25 May

Easily the best movie of 2010.


And if you know me personally I am going to sound like a one-trick pony right now because I will not shut up about this movie but it is my favourite “new” horror film and has been for (obviously) three years.  (…Besides CABIN IN THE WOODS… More on that later.)



This James Wan directed film stars Patrick (Hard Candy, Watchmen) Wilson and Rose (No relation to Gabriel) Byrne as a couple who’s son has gone into a coma and to make matters way worse, they discover that their new house is straight up haunted.  After hiring an investigative team that includes my future husband Leigh Whannell, they realize that things may not actually be what they seem.

I see this film as a shining light in horror cinema in the past few years using mostly atmosphere and suspense for scares and pulling viewers in with a very original story line that leaves you guessing/gasping until the end.

I am not exaggerating when I say I have seen this film over ten times…

So…  With about an hour and a half left of your Saturday night (Eastern time of course…) I suggest you find a way to see this film.  I can’t say enough good things about it so I’m going to stop before I ruin it…

Stay scared!


Vampires vs. Werewolves… vs. Love?

21 May

Here goes.

You may think that the fascination with werewolves and vampires is over.  You may think that we’ve all moved on to zombies in the healthy progression of unhealthy obsessions…

Well you would be wrong.  Oh.  So very wrong.

You see, vampires are still quite prevalent in the minds of young teenaged through middle aged women.  Vampire Diaries is still a rocking show, filled to the brim with bloodsucking and shape-shifting romantic story lines that make you all conflicted about where your “morbid fascination” line is drawn…  Right?

Today I decided to reflect on what it is about each of these mythical creatures that make women so ready to jump into an inter-species relationship with something that would probably kill them given the chance…



Undead, undead, undead…

Vampires drink the blood of the living and the process is portrayed in print and film as a seductive and intoxicating experience that leaves vampire and victim… out of breath.  Scouring the earth alone in search for the next O+ vintage to sink their teeth into, vampires eventually (typically) find that one person that they don’t want to ruin.  They find the one person they want to share their undead existence with, and they will do anything to make them theirs.

Vampires are symbolic of giving into ones vices, and in romantic settings, they are seen to give up those vices (or trade them for animal blood) for the one they love.  The one, might I add, that is the first person in hundreds of years they decided to fall in love with.  Can you imagine someone telling you that in 300 years the only person they were able to refrain from bloodletting out of sheer awe of their beauty was YOU.  Romantic!

If that point wasn’t enough, let’s look at personality… Some girls love a bad boy while others love the sensitive, brooding type.  Some girls love to be pursued, while others like to pursue.  Not one woman goes about relationships in the same way or has the exact same “type” (hate that word) as another.  This is why vampires are ideal.

Let’s take a look at… Hmm… I don’t know… Edward Cullen.

  • Bad Boy: Dad doesn’t like him, he drinks blood to LIVE
  • Sensitive: He BROODS more than THE BROOD. He’s all sad and hopelessly romantic, he’s gone hundreds of years without love, he’s so sensitive his skin erupts into diamonds in the sunlight!
  • Pursuer: He literally sneaked into Bella’s room a few times and watched her sleep… He got a little bit over protective there.
  • Pursue…ee: He randomly up and left Bella to go and be broody in Italy, and after trying to kill herself a few dozen times, Bella went to Italy to bring him back.

And I understand if you get all “Yeah but Edward isn’t a REAL vampire, Jessie.” and I completely agree with you.  Bela Lugosi was a real vampire.  But I could just as easily list similar things about Dracula.  Minus the stupid sparkling.  My point is that vampires (or at least vampires in romance novels) are both bad and sensitive, pursuant and standoffish, and therefore can appeal to many different types of women.




I’m a big fan of werewolves.  I’m actually going to cheat a bit and include a couple other options in this one: The Incredible Hulk, and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.  Let me tell you why.

People after being bitten by a werewolf go through a change, and at the first full moon after being bitten, they turn into a man-wolf and run around terrorizing villages and stuff.  Or, as is with a couple of other tv shows, movies, books I’ve come into contact with, the change can happen when the infected person becomes angered, or they can choose to change.

Werewolves symbolize (to me) deep, dark secrets, a second side of oneself, extreme emotion or weakness.  There is something inside of them, another part of themselves that sits very close to the edge waiting for the opportunity to explode.

Think about it with me.  You meet a man, and he’s very mysterious, you don’t notice the corresponding dates but about once a month for a couple of days he is unreachable.  Eventually you wonder if he is seeing someone else and you go to his house to investigate.  What you find there is a half naked man chained to a wall in a sketchy stone basement.  He tells you to leave, you’re all “WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SHOW ARE YOU RUNNING HERE RINGLEADER!?” and before he can explain, because you’re a psycho, his body contorts slowly and agonizingly into a giant man-wolf before your eyes.  You sympathize with him and in the morning when he shifts back into human form and you wonder how his pants stayed on he explains how this happened, how lonely he is, but also how dangerous and brooding he is…  And sensitive because he’s been alone for a while…

*Fun Fact! About five people just stopped reading this and are now reading some sort of werewolf smut*

The same goes for Bruce Banner and Dr. Jekyll.  Both have a terrifying and dangerous other side to them that is a burden and a curse.  They can never be truly happy.

So there you have it.  My take on why women get all googly eyed over vampires and werewolves.  Some women like a project, some like to be needed, and others just like to chase after something that seems impossible.  I apologize for how long this is and whoever read it all gets a hug.  If you’re not into hugs I also do high fives… If you don’t like touching people I’ll give you a thumbs up…


xx J

Saturday Night Movie of the Week! – THE SHINING (1997)

18 May

This week a couple of friends and I decided to have an impromptu movie night.  Having just been to our local Chumleigh’s I’d picked up a couple of gems, one of which was Stephen King’s The Shining, and not the one you’re thinking of.

Heeeere's someone else!

Steven Weber as Jack Torrance

This adaptation of King’s (arguably best) novel (in my opinion) stars Steven Weber as Jack and Rebecca De Mornay as Wendy and being produced in part by King himself follows the book a lot more closely than Kubrick’s.

This (like many of King’s adaptations) was presented as a miniseries on television but can now also be purchased on DVD.

Being a huge fan of Stephen King I went into this with an open mind, and came out quite pleased.  The acting was decent (even from that random band conductor… whoever THAT guy was…) and like I said, it stays very true to the book.  That being said, Scatman Crothers will ALWAYS be Dick Halloran…

Spanning around four hours, this may not seem like typical “movie night” fodder, however, we freaking did it anyway.  Starting at around 11pm (and adding in pauses for bathroom breaks, midnight phone calls and such) we ended at around 4am.


So if I could wish anything for you guys on this long weekend, it would be that somewhere you have time to sit down with your early summer beers and short shorts to watch this film.

Also there’s a cameo from my future husband Sam Raimi.


xx J

GO TO SLEEP (2013) – Pictures

16 May

Yesterday kicked off day one of shooting my good friend Nigel Jones’ short GO TO SLEEP.

Here are some pictures!


I’m all like “Uh-oh, whats up there?”


From left: Nigel Jones (director), Tyler Hughes (“Manager”, mic), Me (“Martha”), Andrea Monos (makeup, costume, mic).

How’d’ya like that?

Stay tuned for more information!



16 May

Starting this blog, I’ve had the sheer luck to talk to some pretty amazing people in the industry about film, I love every second of it.  The best part is being able to write about amazing film being made in my own back yard.

Right before my computer crashed about a week ago I spoke to my friend Adam Martignetti who informed me that he had recently done the music for a short film called A CERTAIN KIND OF MONSTER, directed by Peterborough’s own Mike Moring, and asked if I would like to watch it.  What a silly question.

ACKOM Poster


A CERTAIN KIND OF MONSTER stars Jen Yarrow as “Beth”, a young runaway picked up by Joshua Cutmore’s “Ben” on a rainy night.  As the night unfolds secrets are revealed in this dark and seductive film that draw you in and leave you wanting more… Which as it happens, you can have.

Mike Moring created this film for roughly $700, the cast and crew volunteered their time and to quote the director, “It was a labour of love made by a handful of borderline psychotics who fell in love with an idea and devoted themselves to bringing their vision to the screen, limitations be damned.”  It definitely shows.  The music by Adam Martignetti is haunting and fitting for the atmosphere.  The characters, real and believably damaged were portrayed wonderfully and were therefore easy to sympathize with.  In the next little while Mike is putting out an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to create a web series based off of the short.

The film made its premiere a couple of days ago at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival and is already gaining some positive feedback from other sources.

When the campaign hits, there will be an option to view the film for a small donation and I encourage everyone to do so.

I definitely look forward to seeing more from Mike and his crew and will be posting updates about the IndieGoGo campaign as soon as I hear more.

For now, you can see the trailer for A CERTAIN KIND OF MONSTER here.  You can visit the Facebook page here and Twitter here.

Thanks again to Mike and Adam for giving me the opportunity to view the film.  I loved it.


Can We Just For a Moment…

1 May

Appreciate Jane Levy?


I mean honestly.  Do you realize that this is the first horror film she has done?  
She’s amazing.

Sorry this was short.  Just a thought.

xx Jessie