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Saturday Night Movie of the Week! CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012)

22 Jun

Ooooooo yeah.


It’s so itty bitty!

So, I have decided to let the poster speak first this time.  Usually, I ramble on about how amazing something is, and then I go *BAM*, photo.  BUT HERE’S WHY.  When I saw the first trailer for this movie, I literally grimaced and said, “Ugh, really?  Another one?  They’re just playing up the success of the EVIL DEAD cabin motif and trying to make it edgy.  And to be honest, I didn’t even finish watching the trailer…  And then a friend of mine asked me to go see it with him.  And because it is very rare that OTHER PEOPLE ask ME to go see a HORROR FILM I said yes and cried the whole way there, worried I was going to have an awful time.

*BAM* Best movie of 2012.

A movie that so deliciously parodies Scooby-Doo, makes fun of itself and is still terrifying gets like… Eight thumbs up in my books.  Thus why I let the poster speak first, and why I don’t watch trailers anymore…  MISREPRESENTATION.

Five sexy college students (including my future husband Fran Kranz) (and Chris Hemsworth) go to their friend’s…cousin’s cabin for the weekend and soon find out that things are not what they seem!  But they are…  what?

Same as LAKE MUNGO, I don’t want to give too much away, and you still have a few hours left of your Saturday to buy CABIN on blu-ray (because its the ONLY way to watch it) but honestly, if you are any kind of horror fan at all, I think you’ll agree that CABIN IN THE WOODS is a ridiculously fun ride.

I think I actually cheered in the theater…  (All three times that I saw it there…)

Stay scared…



GO TO SLEEP (2013)

13 Jun

Martha shows up for her first day on the job and finds that there are much scarier things than a movie theater projection booth…
Directed by Nigel Jones
Starring ME! – Jessie Robbins!


13 Jun

Horror gets a bad rap sometimes.

People argue that there is hardly any originality in the genre anymore and that “it’s all been done” and while  I agree that there are certain (for lack of a better term) archetypal “monsters” or “villains” that filmmakers keep coming back to (ie. ghosts, the haunted house, vampires, werewolves, etc.) each story is told in a unique way that shatters the mold every time.

A typical monster with an atypical twist.

This brings me to my favourite hidden gem, LAKE MUNGO.


Mad respect…

Set up as a documentary about a family grieving the loss of their daughter/sister and dealing with the paranormal activity that started shortly after, this Australian film starts quietly and sincerely but packs a mean sucker punch.

The only American coverage this film had was when it screened at After Dark Horrorfest in 2010, it wasn’t widely released but it was rumoured that the creators of THE RING were going to take on the job of Americanizing it for wide release.  I am glad this didn’t happen.

Without giving too much away, this film is highly underrated and deserves notability in the industry.  It takes the classic ghost story and molds it into something uncomfortable and upsetting while forcing us to come to terms with our own mortality.  LAKE MUNGO will make you feel safe and then rip the rug from under your toes.

Stay scared,
xo Jessie