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IndieGoGo Campaign for A CERTAIN KIND OF MONSTER – Now Up!

14 Jul

Hey everybody!  Remember when I gushed over my friend Mike Moring’s film A CERTAIN KIND OF MONSTER?  Great!  Remember how he is continuing his film with a web series!?  ME TOO!  BUT DO YOU REMEMBER THAT HE WAS GOING TO START AN INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN TO FUND THE WEBSERIES?!  Phew, I was worried you wouldn’t remember that part…

Mike has informed me that the IndieGoGo campaign is now up and ready to go!

What is IndieGoGo, you may be asking?  It’s an online platform where people can raise money for something that they feel strongly about.  Many filmmakers use this platform to raise the funds to create wicked movies on a regular.

So if you know what’s good for you, you’ll share this with your friends and maybe donate to a really great project.

Here’s the link for the campaign!

Stay scared!!

xo Jessie