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Movie of the Week – In Memory of Karen Black

16 Aug

A week ago the horror world lost a legend with the death of the beautiful Karen Black.  


Rest in peace ❤

This week on Ashes and Rashes I have decided to dedicate the Movie of the Week to this gorgeous woman and focus on my favourite of her roles in the 1976 film BURNT OFFERINGS.



This, dear readers, is the film where Karen Black chills, Bette Davis breaks your heart, Oliver Reed makes you feel feelings and Anthony James makes you never want to get into a car again…

Director Dan Curtis pairs Black and Reed as a couple taking their son and aunt (Davis) to a beautiful house in the countryside to work as caretakers for the summer months.  Terrifying things ensue!

Karen Black was a vision of beauty and grace, she will be greatly missed and ever appreciated as her legend continues to live on in the minds of her family, friends, and fans.

Rest in peace Karen Black ❤

xx J