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Trailer for CALL GIRL by Jill Sixx Gevargizian!

10 Dec

I am totally excited to announce Jill Sixx’s debut film CALL GIRL starring Laurence R. Harvey and Tristan Risk finally has a trailer!  The link is below.  


Horror promoter and filmmaker Jill Sixx Gevargizian releases the trailer to her first film, CALL GIRL, starring Laurence R. Harvey (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II and III) Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY).  CALL GIRL is a short film written by Eric Havens of DownRight Creepy.  Sixx held a very successful Kickstarter campaign, which allowed her to work with an international cast.

The teaser was shot and edited by Brian Hicks, with music by Colin Lacativa, and it only the prelude to a bloody good time! 

The film is estimated to release in the beginning of next year.

Here is the link to the trailer!


More updates as soon as I get them!