Ashes and Rashes vs. Wendigogo Girl

25 Aug

The Death of Ashes and Rashes

Friends, its time for a change.  I have a habit of committing to writing on here, and then dropping off the face of the earth, and I think the reason for that is that I have lost my identity on this website.

When I first decided to make this blog, I was just a girl who wanted to write about horror, talk to some cool people and watch a lot of horror films.  While this is still the case, I have somewhat lost my way.  After receiving requests to review independent films, I started to question what I was really doing on Ashes and Rashes, where did my ranting and raving about the genre I love turn into a job?

I never really did any of the reviews I received, I think because from the beginning I wanted this website to be all mine, I didn’t want to do what other people wanted me to do.  I wanted to recommend a movie for your Saturday nights, I wanted to re-watch films I used to hate to see if my aged, more cultured(hah) mind could see the light in them, I wanted to talk about cute boys (all my future husbands) in the industry and delve into why on a psychological, albeit girly, level we love the films we do.

I typed

I typed “girly horror” into Google and this is one of the first things that came up… I’d say it’s accurate.

Doing freelance work the last little while has been absolutely revelatory in a way because now I see that I can still be assigned to write something AND love it at the same time.  But this page…  This page is still 100% me.

I’ve done some thinking the past little while about what the title “Ashes and Rashes” means to me.  And it means absolutely nothing.  A 20-year-old girl wanted to make a blog about horror, she sat with the WordPress application at her fingertips, and thought of gross words that would tell the reader “This is a horror blog,”, “This is not a blog for girly people”.  But here’s the thing, I AM girly.  I am so girly.  It’s evident in my posts, I spend way too much money on make up.  In the past few years, I have come around to dresses, and PINK which is still weird for me…  And while these things don’t necessarily a GIRL make, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little girly.

I also saw this when I googled

I also saw this when I googled “girly horror”… Accuracy on point.

And wasn’t this blog supposed to be a place where this girly girl could come and write about a few of her favourite things?

I need this space to come and talk and vent in my own way and feel good about it.  I don’t need to put on a professional persona, I don’t need to appeal to male readership by making the title sound unisex.

I am a girl, and I am here to talk about horror in a somewhat girly way.

The Birth of Wendigogo Girl

When I was a little girly girl, the library at Plainville Public School had a lot of interesting books…  There were a couple of books filled with horror stories who’s titles I have forgotten, and that saddens me to no end.  I remember the stories though… *shudders* I had nightmares for weeks.  One book I do remember, I think you have all read this series, was Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz with those terrifying illustrations by Stephen Gammell.  I didn’t remember many of the stories until later when a sweet friend gave me the collection, but one of them stuck with me all these years.

Yes, when I was LITTLE I read a book with these illustrations in it... The hell, Plainville Public School?

Yes, when I was LITTLE I read a book with these illustrations in it… The hell, Plainville Public School?

The Wendigo is a very short story, but it packs a mean punch and I have been fascinated with the legend of the wendigo ever since.  The wendigo is a creature from the legends of the Algonquin people and has appeared in many tv shows, films, books (Stephen King’s Pet Sematary for one), and many of my nightmares.  This creeping image of an unseen force (or seen, based on later adaptations from series like Supernatural) that knows your name and calls you out into the cold is terrifying for a poor little Canadian girl, where half of the year is made up of snow, and you live in a village (actually considered a HAMLET) that is covered in farmer’s fields and it takes a half an hour to get to any “towns”…


Also what the hell My Little Pony?

Anyway, I’ve always loved burlesque, and go-go dancing.  I think it’s fascinating.  Taking the female form and empowering it, making the art of seduction something classy and confident, glamorous.  And then I realized how easy it is to add an extra “go” onto “Wendigo”, and then add a “girl” on the end, you know what I’m getting at.

Long story short (too late for that), I have decided to take back my original website and use it for its intended purpose.  To be a girly girl who likes ranting and interviewing people about horror films and not feel weird about the title, the label, the feeling I get every time I read it.  Ashes and Rashes is no more.  The website will be pretty much the exact same.  Maybe with some more weekly posts, or regular “columns”.  But rather than make this it’s own being, it will now be an extension of myself.  Something I can take joy in writing in, instead of purposely making it feel like a job.

With that said, with ashes to ashes and dust to dust, I say farewell and rest in peace to the Ashes and Rashes era, and say happy birthday to Wendigogo Girl.

100% me.



2 Responses to “Ashes and Rashes vs. Wendigogo Girl”

  1. JL0073 September 2, 2015 at 11:02 PM #

    I’m glad to have found your insightful articles in Fangoria and even happier to have found that you have a site on WordPress for your own personal writing, which I agree should be a reflection of who the writer is as you point out in this post. I look forward to checking out your work as someone who enjoys good writing and who also aspires to be a writer.

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