Man Crush Monday: Chris Sarandon

21 Sep

Tonight while recording episode 110 of Land of the Creeps we talked about the films we watch in the month of October, the films that remind of us the reason for THIS season, the ones that make us shiver and shake in our booties.  Among the thousands of films discussed (exaggerating) was FRIGHT NIGHT (1985), the film that made me ignore everything I saw in THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987) and fall madly in love with Chris Sarandon.



Jerry Dandrige is one of the hottest vampires in the history of hot vampires.  He’s super charming, he’s got a sultry voice, he’s very easy on the eyes, and he’s a blood thirsty vampire with an infatuation for pretty girls.  He’s that guy that every girl wants to be with, but knows would absolutely ruin their life.

When the show was over, and I turned back to my television, I realized that NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS was still running and Jack was lamenting, I realized that Chris Sarandon had been in my life a hell of a lot longer than the first time I watched FRIGHT NIGHT as well.

That voice.

Hope you enjoyed the first Wendigogo Girl Man Crush Monday…  It won’t be the last.



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