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Fangoria 343 Love

3 Sep


Check out this month’s issue of Fangoria Magazine!  I got to visit the set of NBCs Hannibal and interview the cast and crew to write two articles for this amazing issue, guest edited by showrunner Bryan Fuller.

This is an amazing issue, and the cover is freaking frame-worthy alone so pick this up ASAP!!!



Fangoria #331 – Featuring Yours Truly!

29 Mar

I am pleased to announce that in this month’s issue of Fangoria magazine, you will find an interview with the phenomenal Leigh Whannell (writer, actor, SAW 1-3, INSIDIOUS 1, 2) by yours truly!


And Bill Moseley is on the cover!!!

It has been a whirlwind experience, being able to speak with one of my favourite filmmakers for one of my favourite magazines for one of my favourite genres!  

I was informed by the bots at WordPress that today marks the four year anniversary of Ashes and Rashes.  This blog has not only been an outlet for me but has also given me confidence in my writing and helped me gain connections and make friends with some pretty amazing people.  

Sappiness over.  But I am so excited for where this awesome adventure will take me next.

Stay scared,

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT re-released theatrically!

13 Nov

Friend of the blog Justin Beahm and previous interviewee (see?) is teaming up with Screenvision for a theatrical re-release of the genre/holiday classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT opening in theaters across the states (and possibly Canada!) on December 4th.  Fangoria is also partnering up for this cinematic and Yule-tidey adventure!

Ooo new poster ;)

Ooo new poster 😉

Fangoria Presents unwraps Charles E Sallier Jr.’s 1984 holiday cult horror classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, in theaters this December! SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT tells the tale of Billy Chapmen, orphaned at five after witnessing the murder of his parents at the hands of a Santa suit-clad madman on Christmas Eve. Now eighteen and out of the brutal grip of orphanage nuns, Billy is forced to confront his greatest fear, sending him on a rampage, leaving a crimson trail in the snow behind him. Fangoria Presents, in conjunction with Screenvision, delivers this seasonal slasher essential in a stunning new HD transfer for the ultimate experience in ho-ho-horror!

Here is the link for the trailer, and check here daily to see if your city (or country) is joining the list of participating theaters!

Stay scared, and holiday cheer-y… But mostly scared…

x Jessie

Interview with Shauna Henry (BLOOD FOR IRINA)

4 Oct

Hello my darlings,

Earlier in September I posted the press release for QUEEN OF BLOOD (directed by editor-in-chief of Fangoria magazine, Chris Alexander) which will be the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed, award-winning BLOOD FOR IRINA in which a beautiful vampire faces the end of her time.

Well that beautiful vampire was kind and lovely enough to sit down with me tonight to talk about BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD, working with Chris Alexander and everything in between!

Spooky - Pretty!

Spooky – Pretty!


What’s your favourite scary movie?

Okay, so, don’t hate me but I’m actually a huge scaredy cat! I’m not very well – I don’t know a lot about the horror scene because I actually get really scared. Actually it’s been good to do this, I’ve never obviously done anything like this before and being behind the scenes is a lot easier when you realize, you know, the blood, how unreal it is.  It’s… like candy! It’s sugar, glucose, very sweet and we’re just laughing about it, its a joke. When, for me to actually watch something like that is very traumatizing so it helps to sort of be behind the scenes and make it not so real. So I think I could probably warm up to seeing scarier movies.  I find, in general, psychological horror movies to be actually sometimes worse. When it’s more mental I find that more disturbing sometimes. So I quite like the way that Chris’ was more poetry and images. I call the first one an art piece, images to music. So it’s good warming up to the whole horror scene because I get terrible nightmares (laughs) so I actually have to be really careful about what I see! It’s been good to be involved with the horror scene, behind the scenes and see how silly it is! How fun it is. Less scary, shall we say.

So what do you do when you’re not drinking blood?

(Laughs) Good question! Well I’ve done lots of things over the years, desktop publishing is my main thing but on the side I’ve done dance, and vocals, and dabbled in acting because, the thing is when I was in school I really enjoyed acting and theater because we were just having fun. But I found when I got into the real world and it became a business it became very serious and very different to what I perceived it to be and I didn’t really feel like I fit in so I wouldn’t stick with it. That’s what I really enjoyed about doing the movie with Chris and doing the new one, is sort of like when you’re kids and in school, it’s a bunch of friends, you feel safe in this environment, you’re having fun, but you’re also doing some good work. It’s not about the money, you can voice your opinion if you don’t feel comfortable about something. It’s not as formal or as serious. So it’s been really nice to do that. But yeah mostly just desktop publishing and then arts on the side, because as a business it’s really scary! (laughs)

How did you prepare for your role as Irina?

Chris, he does talk about what he’s looking for so I would take notes and then he also sent me links to different movies just to get the idea or the feel. I also watched NOSFERATU and thats really what Chris was going for so I watched that a few times. Other things were just clips, like BLOOD FOR DRACULA or POSSESSION or VAMPYRES. More European style and retro shall we say, but that’s what I would do, listen to what Chris had to say, take his notes and just watch that movie a few times and the clips and just sort draw from life experience… (laughs) I mean not so much the vampire part! You know, lonely or isolated, I’m sure a lot of people at times can speak to that or draw upon that as well. In the new one she is more robotic than in IRINA, so different influences.

The audience kind of empathizes with Irina in BLOOD FOR IRINA, what kind of character development are we going to see in QUEEN OF BLOOD?

Well as Chris puts it, the second one is sort of a mirror of the first but darker, more surreal and he’s going more for nature and disease, as he says. She’s more robotic but still like a child, like an alien, and there will also be more blood (laughs) more killing than the first. Also, in the first, Irina was filmed more at night, as she could not handle the light, whereas this is all light, hence the nature aspect of it, its shot in the daytime. So that’s different than the first.

What challenges, if any, did you run into acting in a mostly silent film?

Well we did shoot some scenes with some dialogue, it just didn’t work. But what we would do is I would play music in the background, it didn’t matter what music we played because Chris was going to do his own score for the film or sound effects. So I would play music to sort of get in the mood and so that sort of helped. But if there was no music playing I would sort of go inside of myself and go with the emotion of the scene and sometimes Chris would talk me through it as the scene was unfolding, or rolling. He could actually speak because that was going to be cut out later so he could actually go “Ok, more of this,” or “Now you’re going to do this,” for some of the scenes. It was more relaxing, plus I love music and music really gets you into the mood so that was nice, to have that playing in the background when I was doing certain scenes.

Is QUEEN OF BLOOD also relatively dialogue-free?

It is, except this time we are using the sounds around us mostly of nature so we want to hear the actual birds, or the water running and things like that. There will be a little bit of dialogue, again very minimal. But it’s very similar to the first, same idea.

What was it like working with Chris Alexander?

He’s very good at convincing you that you can do it even if you don’t think you can, so if you have a lot of insecurities – and he’s genuine it’s not like he’s just making stuff up, he’s very genuine about it – he will definitely help you through it and really make you feel like you can do anything and feel comfortable. So I surprised myself that I said yes, so obviously he did a good job of convincing me (laughs). It’s very spontaneous, the way he does the movies, I would like a lot of rehearsal and prep and that’s not his style but in a way it works. Before you know it you’re doing a scene so maybe that’s a good thing (laughs) for me because maybe if I thought about it too much I would talk myself out of it, he can just be like “Ok, we’re gonna just do this! Let’s go!” and before you know it, you’re doing it and he’s like “Cut! Great! Beautiful!” And it’s like, “What?! What just happened?!”

So he tricks you? (laughs)

Yeah (laughs) and also it’s fun, you know we have a ton of laughs as well. It’s serious when we need it to be but also goofy as well in a sense. It was fun just to hang out on set because we’re all for having a lot of fun so that’s nice too.

Do you think QUEEN OF BLOOD will be the last film in the series?

I don’t know if I’m not… or if I am, but yes, there is supposed to be a third. I know nothing about it! But that’s the ideal… To have a third… Wrap things up.

Do you have any last words?

Any last words… Umm… Again, I wish Chris could sort of come in now because he’s SO GOOD at talking and I am not, I’m really working on it! Oh the Q and A’s were so nerve-racking for me. But you know… I’m very happy that people have enjoyed seeing the movie, we never, well I didn’t anyway, we never expected such interest. We really just wanted to have fun, and Chris wanted to see what it was like to make a movie, you know that was one of his dreams, to make a movie and have fun. And we did it just for fun and then it’s been really exciting to see that other people enjoy it. It’s nice to share in the fun, and other people get something out of it, thats always really cool. To involve more and more people in something too, and give back is also really, really cool. It’s sort of a trickle down effect, for this movie we have more people on board who want to be as well, so thats always nice, when everyone really wants to be there.


I would just love to thank Shauna again for taking the time out of her busy schedule to speak with me tonight as production is underway for QUEEN OF BLOOD as you’re reading this…  Or it WAS in production… depending on WHEN you’re reading this…….

BLOOD FOR IRINA is available on Amazon, specifically HERE, and QUEEN OF BLOOD is set to be released Spring 2014.  I will be posting more information on the film when it is available to me and can’t wait to see the next chapter!

Stay scared,
Jessie xo

Chris Alexander’s QUEEN OF BLOOD Announcement!

3 Sep

Fangoria editor-in-chief and filmmaker Chris Alexander’s critically acclaimed film BLOOD FOR IRINA (2012) moved audiences around the world this year and now we have received word that his follow-up feature QUEEN OF BLOOD is in pre-production!


(New York, NY – August 28, 2013)

Following the critical and festival success of multiple-award winning experimental horror film BLOOD FOR IRINA, Autonomy Pictures is proud to announce they will be producing Chris Alexander’s next project, QUEEN OF BLOOD. The new film will further deconstruct the vampire myth created in IRINA and will continue Alexander’s filmmaking style of blending mood, startling imagery and original music all drenched in a sea of deep red blood. The film is currently in pre-production and will be released in Spring 2014. 

“With my first film, which was an education in filmmaking, I created an unconventional, mood piece tackling themes such as death, birth, redemption, addiction and loneliness,” says director Chris Alexander.  “With QUEEN OF BLOOD, I will continue to expand on those themes and fuse them into a Horror/Western hybrid which will make it a darker, stranger and visceral film experience. I’m excited that I’m working with Autonomy Pictures again as they give me complete creative freedom to bring my vision to life.”

QUEEN OF BLOOD follows the rebirth of Irina (once more portrayed by Shauna Henry), who rises from the center of the Earth, ready to bring a wave of death and madness to the battered wastelands of the Wild West. A parasite who roams the alternately breathtaking and dangerous rural landscape, Irina leaves of path of bloody destruction and victims as she aims her sights on a young widow whose unborn child may hold the secret to Irina’s longevity.  Dark, erotic, beautiful and bizarre, QUEEN OF BLOOD will be an immersive, horror dream and nightmare brought to vivid, violent life.

The film will also star horror art/music pioneer and Skinny Puppy frontman Nivek Ogre with additional cast members announced soon.  QUEEN OF BLOOD is written by Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief of FANGORIA, who will also direct and compose the film’s score. Costume design will be handled by Toronto-based artist Alex Kavanagh, who has designed costumes for multiple films including the SAW franchise (including parts of the elaborate death traps), REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and LAND OF THE DEAD.

EVIL DEAD (2013) – Review

15 Mar

Okay, alright, I know what all of you Bruce-Campbell-lovin, Sam-Raimi-stalkin, Old-Classic-tattoo-sportin, “I liked it better in ’81” hipsters are thinking.  And I could know it better than anyone because I used to be one of you.  Aside from the Delta 88 tattoo, I’m there.  I own the original collection on Blu-Ray and sometimes when I’m bored go to that happy place in my head where I’m ballroom dancing with Sam Raimi and then Bruce Campbell taps him on the shoulder and says “Can I cut in?”

All that completely NORMAL stuff aside, (I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM… YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!) I get it, fans.  Do NOT mess with a good thing.  It’s a fundamental rule that has definitely been broken in this industry and its a scandal.  Luckily for us, however, this remake doesn’t mess around.



I hear you guys, “Jessie wtf.  This movie doesn’t come out until April.  You just watched the original over again like an idiot and thought it was the new one.”  And I will give you that, because that does sound like something I would do.  But in reality I won a contest!  A bunch of different magazines and blog owners and the like each were given a handful of tickets to give away to some lucky GTA dwellers and by e-mailing Fangoria’s editor in chief Chris Alexander with “I’LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL” as the subject and being one of the first 25 to do so, I won a double pass to hit up Scotiabank Theater in Toronto to see the screening of EVIL DEAD with a whole bunch of media folk.  

I brought my friend Brittany, and we got all gussied up red-carpet style and then floundered around the theater for a while trying to figure out where to stand/sit/drink beer.


This spot seems nice.

After finally finding seats at the front of the theater (I can’t move my neck… totally worth it) Chris Alexander came up to the front and got the audience pumped by introducing us to the special effects supervisor who got us even more excited AND NOW I’M ALL EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT.

The film centers around five attractive students including a brother and sister duo Shiloh Fernandez as “David” (who I started to refer to as “Not Ash”) and Jane Levy “Mia” who agreed to go to the ol’ family cabin to kick a drug habit.  Commence possession.  The opening scene gives a back story to the reason why the Necronomicon is in the cabin in the first place and helps paint the picture of what is going on.  

AS A REMAKE I think that this film comes out incredibly strong as it doesn’t pretend that it is something it’s not.  It’s a re-imagining in a sense that it focuses around a different plot, but the main elements are still there, as well as a few nods to Sam Raimi’s style and plot points from the ’81 cult classic that would make any fan go “Awww yeah!”.  (I did like five times.)

ASIDE from the “remake aspect” this movie is a terrifying horror rollercoaster that will keep you on the edge of your seat and cause you to throw your hands to your face in fear and delight simultaneously.  Honestly.  The score alone, with a creepy siren reminiscent of Silent Hill incorporated into it, builds the suspense near the end and really drives the terror home.  

The EFFECTS, oh the effects.  I don’t know for sure the measurements of how much fake blood was used in the movie but I would have to ballpark it around a freakin’ freight-boatload. Which is metric…  The GORE in this movie really has a way of creeping up under your skin and making you feel uncomfortable. All in all very well done cringe-worthy effects that never feel overdone and do not stop until the film’s climax.

Brittany and I had a fantastic night, we owe it all to Fangoria who’s March issue is sitting on my bedside table as I write this, you all need to pick it up.  

Also thanks again to Chris for an awesome night and for the help finding some seats.


Left: Brittany, Right: Me, Not Pictured: Bree and Sara (in our HEARTS)

xx Jessie